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Our MissionOur mission is to keep families, children and communities safe while protecting the dignity and self-determination of those we serve.
SERVICES AND PROGRAMSChild Protection ServicesOur team works to ensure that all children are safe in their own homes and when they are unsafe we work with the family to identify ways to keep a child safe in their home. And, when safety cannot be assured children are provided safe and loving foster or adoptive homes.

We protect children who have been abused or neglected, or are at substantial risk of being abused or neglected. It is our role to assure that a child's basic needs are met and to assure that they are free from physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. There is an access worker available to receive reports of abuse or neglect 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 

Please see the Trempealeau County Resource Guide for a list of resources serving children of families.
Community Response ProgramFamilies who are referred to child protective services but do not meet statutory guidelines for intervention may still have a need for services. This program provides a vital preventative program to target and engage those families to reduce risks and promote family strengths associated with child safety and well-being. Program goals are to prevent child maltreatment by increasing a family's protective capacities.
Families First - Coordinated Services Team (CST)Families First is a voluntary wraparound program to help families with multiple needs remain together in the community and to access services they need to meet their full potential. The CST approach to case management is community based, family oriented, teaming approach that allows the parent(s) to be in control.

Interested in becoming a participant of Families First? Please call 715-538-1768 and ask to speak to the children and families access worker.
Child Welfare ServicesServices can be provided for uncontrollable juveniles, truancy, parenting assistance, mental health issues and step-parent adoptions.
Foster CareTrempealeau County Department of Human Services recruits, licenses and trains potential foster homes.

Family to Family Foster Parent ProgramKinship CareThis voluntary program provides financial assistance to individuals who are caring for a relatives' child. The individual seeking this type of assistance shall complete a Kinship Care Application , pass background checks, verify that the child is enrolled in school full-time, and have birth parent approval.

If you have more questions please call 715-538-1768 and ask to speak to the children and families access worker.
Juvenile Justice ServicesCase management services assist, empower, and build upon strengths of youth and families facing juvenile delinquency challenges. We strive to protect the community, hold juveniles accountable for law violations and build juvenile offenders strengths to help them live responsibly, productively, and achieve more positive outcomes.

Parents Guide to Juvenile Court System

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