Notice to Defendants Without a Lawyer

defenseattorneyNotice to Defendants Without a LawyerAll people accused of a crime have the right to legal representation even if they cannot afford to hire an attorney.

Your rights regarding legal representation include the following:

  • To have an attorney represent you at all stages of your case.
  • To have a State Public Defender attorney appointed to represent you.
  • To ask the Court to appointment an attorney for you if you don't qualify for a Public Defender
  • To hire your own attorney.
  • To proceed without an attorney.

To contact the State Public Defender's Office, go to:

438 North Water Street
Black River Falls, WI 53615
Phone: (715) 284-9553
Fax: (715) 284-7839

Attorneys and staff of the District Attorney's Office represent the interests of the State of Wisconsin and do not represent you. They cannot give you legal advice (including whether you need a lawyer or not) and cannot help you complete any forms.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rule 20:3.8 provides, in part, that prosecutors may discuss the matter with an unrepresented person, provide information regarding settlement and negotiate a resolution, which may include a waiver of constitutional and statutory rights, but shall not provide legal advice to defendants, including, but not limited to: whether to get a lawyer; whether to accept or reject a settlement offer; whether to waive important procedural rights; or give an opinion as to how the court or a jury is likely to rule in the case. Specifically, prosecutors shall not assist a defendant in the completion of guilty plea forms, forms for the waiver of a preliminary hearing, or forms for the waiver of a jury trial.

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