Agricultural Tourism

Agricultural TourismPhoto of people picking apples in an apple orchardSustainable agricultural producers grow and raise food throughout Trempealeau County, many of whom sell directly to consumers. Opportunities to explore the bountiful local harvest and meet local producers are available through Farmers' Markets, roadside stands, and pick-your-own operations. Additional fun can be had through experiencing local food festivals and visiting orchards, vineyards, and cheese factories.

This great weekend activity of exploring Trempealeau County's sustainable food operations may include:
Farmers' Markets:

Arcadia Farmers' Market

Galesville Farmers' Market

Osseo Farmers' Market

Farmers Garden Market (Whitehall)

Local Food Focused Events:

Galesville Apple Affair

Arcadia Broiler Fest

Beef and Dairy Days

Blair Cheese Fest

Catfish Days

Eleva Broiler Festival

Trempealeau County Fair
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