State of Wisconsin Circuit Court Trempealeau County - Extension of Temporary Emergency Order


 On March I 8, 2020, the Trempealeau County Circuit Court issued a Temporary Emergency  Order in response to the COVID-1 9 health crisis. and such order is in effect through May 15, 2020.

Since the original filing of the court's Temporary Emergency Order. the Wisconsin Supreme Court has made certain orders suspending circuit court in-person proceedings, with some exceptions, that remain in effect until further order of the Wisconsin .Supreme Court. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has also ordered that all civil and criminal jury trials scheduled through May 22, 2020 be rescheduled. See the Wisconsin Supreme Court Orders for further details.

In light of the indefinite length of the Wisconsin Supreme Court's order suspending in-person proceedings; also in light of the necessary and critical efforts to minimize the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus; and due to the uncertainties of the ongoing health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trempealeau County Circuit Court is extending its current Temporary Emergency Order indefinitely and removing any end date for the restrictions related to in-person proceedings, until further order of the court.

In-person proceedings. not otherwise specifically allowed, shall be scheduled to a date in the future, but may need to be rescheduled depending on the current status of this court's Temporary Emergency Order and any Wisconsin Supreme Court Orders relating to in-person proceedings.

Dated at Whitehall, Wisconsin this 11th day of May, 2020.

Rian W. Radtke
Circuit Court Judge

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