Public Notice: Trempealeau County Clerk of Circuit Court - Regarding Paper Filings & Payments


Trempealeau County Clerk of Circuit Court 


In response to public health concerns associated with the COVID-19 outbreak, and pursuant to the Trempealeau County Temporary Emergency Order issued March 18, 2020, the Trempealeau County Courthouse remains open to the public, subject to limitations aimed at maintaining public health.

While the Clerk’s office remains open, we strongly encourage you to complete Clerk of Court business online, over the phone or by mail. My staff will be available by phone at 715-538-2311 ext. 331 to answer questions that are not listed.

  • Case Filings: Filings will continue to be processed in all cases via the Wisconsin Courts’ eFiling System and by mail or fax. If you wish to file a new court action in person, like small claims, civil, divorce or file a Temporary restraining order or other case type please call 715-538-2311 ext. 331 before coming to the courthouse in person. My staff will work through the form requirements, filing fee, requirements on the # of copies and how to receive an authenticated copy. 
  • Payments:  If you have questions about where to send payments, you can send through GovPayNet by calling 1-888-604-7888, enter Trempealeau County Pay location code 3084 and your related case number.

You may also mail payments to: Trempealeau County Clerk of Courts, PO BOX 67, Whitehall, WI  54773. Please write your case # on the check memo line. Questions on payments, what you owed or other related payments, please call 715-538-2311 ext. 241.

If you want to search for your case number 

  • Not guilty pleas for traffic cases:If you wish to contest the citation (only if it is not a criminal charge) you must file a not guilty plea in writing prior to 8:30 a.m. of the court intake date on your citation. You can do this by mail or fax #715-538-4400. We do not accept not guilty pleas by email. Address and fax numbers are on the Clerk of Court Website Home Page.

If you file a not guilty plea (this applies only to non-criminal citations), you will NOT need to appear in court on the date shown on your citation. A pretrial notice will be mailed to you after the initial intake date has passed (Court date on your citation.)

  • Criminal cases: Defendants will need to appear in person for criminal cases, BUT per the recent emergency rule, the parties need to contact the court at

715-538-1813 to verify the personal appearance at least 24 hours prior to their hearing date/time and provide a telephone number for the court to call. All criminal matters including preliminary hearings, plea and sentencing hearings are encouraged to be conducted by telephone. 

  • Record Requests:  Record requests can be completed over the phone and emailed to you via email after payment. If you are unable to pay online, you can send written requests and the related payment of $1.25 per page to: Trempealeau County Clerk of Courts, PO BOX 67, Whitehall, WI  54773. All record requests questions can call 715-538-2311 ext.331. 
  • The Clerk’s staff will continue to be available by telephone. If you have questions, please contact the Clerk’s Office at: 715-538-2311 ext. 331 

The Wisconsin Circuit Court website:

Wisconsin Circuit Court efiling:

Temporary Emergency Order: COVID-19 State of Wisconsin Circuit Court Trempealeau County Temporary Emergency Order

Michelle Weisenberger, Trempealeau County Clerk of Court                           
36245 Main Street – PO Box 67
Whitehall, WI  54773
Telephone: 715-538-2311 ext. 331
Fax: 715-538-4400