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General Information 

Membership is filled partially by designation, and partially by appointment. It includes the County Board Chair, and four (4) additional Board Members including one member of each of the following committees:  Highway, Law Enforcement/Emergency Management, Human Services, and Environment and Land Use. Responsible for direction and supervision of Human Resources, labor contracts, policies, grievances and compensation issues.     

Appointed By:

Self-Filling/Appointed by County Chair 


2 years 


The Board meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month. 


  1. Direction and Supervision of Human Resources. 
  2. Ensure compliance with federal and state employment and insurance regulations. 
  3. Work with labor advisors in contract negotiations.  Recommend contract settlements. 
  4. Recommend policies and procedures. 
  5. Participate in employee grievance and arbitration hearings. 
  6. Recommend to the Board creation of new positions. 
  7. Review and recommend requests for reclassification of union positions. 
  8. Review requests to fill positions per County policy. 
  9. Evaluate and recommend policy and carrier changes for Section 125 benefits, health insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, property insurance, and liability insurance. 
  10. Administer the non-union Classification and Compensation Plan. 
  11. Jointly recommend salaries for elected officials in accordance with WI Stat. 59.22. 

 Kellen Nelson, Chair April 2022
 George Brandt, Vice-Chair April 2022
 Ronald Johnson, Secretary April 2022
 Jeanne Nutter April 2022
 John Aasen April 2022

For more information about the Personnel/Bargaining Committee that is not addressed on the County's website please contact the County Clerk’s Office at (715) 538-2311.

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