Law Enforcement/Emergency Management

Agenda's and Minutes
General Information 

Committee is comprised of five (5) Board Members. This committee provides direction and supervision for the Emergency Management Office, Sheriff’s Department (including the Jail and Communications Center) and Child Support Office. They also provide oversight of the Clerk of Court, Coroner, Circuit Court, and District Attorney’s Office.  

Appointed By:

County Chairperson 


2 years 


The Board meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.   Please note,  this is subject to change.  Refer to the Events Calendar on the home page for the accurate meeting date.


  1. Direction and supervision of the Emergency Management office. 
  2. Oversight of the Sheriff’s Department, Jail, and County Communication Center. 
  3. Review and recommend to the Executive/Finance Committee annual budgets for the Sheriff’s Department, Jail, County Communication Center, and Emergency Management Office. 
  4. Review monthly activities of the Emergency Management Department. 
  5. Recommend and establish policies and procedures governing the Sheriff’s Department, Jail, and County Communication Center. 
  6. Conduct jail inspections pursuant to WI Stat. 59.685. 
  7. Ensure compliance with WI Stat. 166.03 (4) for emergency management and the Trempealeau County emergency management ordinance. 
  8. Acts as consultants to the Sheriff’s Department with regards to department direction. 
  9. Direction and supervision of Child Support Office. 
  10. Oversight of the Clerk of Court, Coroner, Circuit Court and District Attorney offices. 

 Ron Johnson, Chair
 April 2026
 Stacy Klein, Vice-Chair
 April 2026
 Andy Todd, Secretary
 April 2026
 Dawn Waldera
 April 2026
 Kevin Whalen
 April 2026

For more information about the Law Enforcement/Emergency Management Committee that is not addressed on the County's website please contact the County Clerk’s Office at (715) 538-2311
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