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Five (5) Board Members, three (3) citizen members – one who receives or has received human services, and one who receives or whose relative receives senior services.  Terms of office will commence on the third Tuesday of April.  Terms are for three years but are to be set up as staggered terms so one-third of member’s terms expire each year as nearly as practicable.  Accordingly, initial appointments are for one, two or three years as determined by the County Board Chair.  The terms of the County Board members expire if they are not reelected or their positions on the County Board otherwise become vacant.  Appointees to all vacant positions are for the unexpired term.  

Appointed By:

County Chairperson 


2/3 years 


The Board meets on the 2nd Monday of each month. 


  1. Supervise the working of the department and be a policy-making body determining the broad outlines and principles governing the administration of the functions, duties and powers assigned to the county department. 
  2. Review and recommend to the Executive/Finance Committee annual budgets for the Agency. 
  3. Per WI Stat. 46.23 the Human Services Board chairperson presides at all meetings when present, and countersigns all actions taken by the County Human Services Board. 
  4. Appoint the County Human Services Director. 
  5. As it determines necessary, appoint committees consisting of residents of the county, which shall advise the Human Services Board on any matters for which they are created.  Members of such committees shall serve without compensation unless otherwise approved by the County Board. 
  6. Consult with the department director concerning the preparation of the annual budget, the annual report of the operation of the Department and the appointment of necessary personnel per county policy. 
  7. Recommend program priorities, identify unmet service needs and prepare short-term and long-term plans and budgets for meeting such priorities and needs. 
  8. Determine, subject to the approval of the County Board of Supervisors and with the advice of the Department Director, whether services are to be provided directly by the Department or contracted for with other providers and make such contracts.  The County Board of Supervisors may elect to require the approval of any such contract by the County Board of Supervisors. 
  9. Develop County Human Services Board operating procedures. 
  10. Be responsible for administering Wisconsin Statutes 46.80, 46.81, 46.82 and 85.21 in regard to Aging, Senior Services and Specialized Transportation Assistance. 
  11. Assist in arranging cooperative working agreements with persons providing health, education, vocational or welfare services related to services provided under this section. 
  12. Elect a member to the Board of Area Agency on Aging in the planning and Service Area.  A delegate shall also be appointed at that time. 
  13. Evaluate services delivery. 
  14. Cooperate to the extent feasible with school boards, health planning agencies, law enforcement agencies, and other health and human service agencies, committees and planning bodies in the geographic area served by the County Department of Human Services. 
  15. Assume the powers and duties of the County Department of Human Services under Wis. Stat. 46.23(5) and 46.82(4). 
  16. Develop coordination of local services and continuity of care. 
  17. Utilize available community resources and develop new resources necessary to carry out the purposes of WI Stats. Chapter 51. 
  18. Administer Institution for Mental Disease Continuing Placement and Relocation funds in accordance with WI Stats. 46.266 and 46.266(5). 


 Dick Miller, Chair  April 2026
 Jeanne Nutter, Vice-Chair  April 2026
 Karen Sepich, Secretary  April 2025
 Bridgette Turner  April 2026
 Richard Anderson  April 2026
 Ronald Johnson  April 2026
 Diane Schroeder  April 2025
 Dora Jean Blaha  April 2025

For more information about the Human Services Board that is not addressed on the County's website please contact the County Clerk’s Office at (715) 538-2311
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