Highway Committee

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The Highway Committee shall consist of five (5) board members and be elected at the April meeting of even numbered years by the board under Sec. 83.015 (1) Wis. Stat. and serve for a term of two years.  Vacancies may be filled by the chairperson of the county board until the next meeting of the county board when a successor will be elected. The committee provides supervision of the county Highway Department, and guides purchasing and construction efforts.  

Appointed By:



2 years 


The Board meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. 


  1. Supervision and direction of the county Highway Department. 
  2. Purchase and sell county road machinery as authorized by county board resolution dated November 12, 1985. 
  3. Determine whether each piece of county aid construction shall be let by contract or shall be done by day labor. 
  4. Enter into contracts in the name of the county. 
  5. Make arrangements for proper prosecution of the construction and maintenance of highways provided for by the county board. 
  6. Enter private lands with their employees to remove weeds and brush and erect or remove fences that are necessary to keep highways open for travel during the winter. 
  7. Direct the expenditure of highway maintenance funds received from the state or provided by county tax.  
  8. Perform other duties imposed by law or by the county board.  

 John Aasen, Chair  April 2026
 Kellen Nelson, Vice-Chair  April 2026
 Richard Anderson, Secretary  April 2026
 David Larson  April 2026
 Robert Baecker  April 2026

For more information about the Highway Committee that is not addressed on the County's website please contact the County Clerk’s Office at (715) 538-2311
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