Board of Health

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General Information

Five (5) County Board Members who serve two-year terms.  Three (3) Non-Board Members who meet the qualifications of Section 251.03 Wis. Stats. who will serve staggered three year terms. The committee supervises the Health Department and assesses public health needs, advocating for public health services.

Appointed By:

Appointed by County Chair


2 years/3 years


The Board meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.


1)      Supervise the working of the Department and be a policy making body determining the broad outlines in principals governing the administration of the functions, duties, and powers assigned to the department. 
2)      Consult with the Department Director concerning the preparation of the annual budget, the annual report of the operation of the department and the appointment of necessary personnel per County policy. 
3)      Assume the powers and duties of the County Health Department under Wis. Stats. 251.04.
4)      Establish long-range goals and intermediate-range plans, detail priorities and estimate costs.
5)      Assess public health needs and advocate for the provision of reasonable and necessary public health services.
6)      Plan for the department’s participation in alleviating the health impacts of emergencies/disasters such as disease outbreaks, floods, tornadoes, and chemical spills.
7)      Evaluate the emergency medical services for Trempealeau County and act as advisors to the County Board on this issue.
8)      Employ a local officer who meets the requirements of Section 251.06, Wis. Stats. 

Members   Terms Ends 
Bridgette Turner, Chair April 2024 
Kevin Adams, Vice-Chair April 2024 
Pam Nelson, Secretary December, 2025
Emery Palmer April 2024 
Stacey Klein April 2024 
Lori Severson April 2024 
Dr. William Baxa  December, 2024
Dr. Kimberly Breidenbach  December, 2023 

For more information about the Board of Health that is not addressed on the County's website please contact the County Clerk’s Office at (715) 538-2311

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