Land Information Council

General InformationThere is established a land information council as set forth in Wis. Stat. 59.72(3m), which will be attached to the department of planning and development for administrative purposes.  The purpose of the council shall be to review the priorities, needs, policies and expenditures of the land information office and advise the county on matters affecting the land information office. 
Appointed By:Items 4-9 below in Council Membership  are appointed by the chair of the county board, with the approval of the county board.Term:2 years
The council shall meet annually and at such additional times as the members determine or the chair directs.
Council Membership

The council shall consist of 9 members as follows:

  1. Register of Deeds or designee
  2. County Treasurer or designee
  3. Real Property Lister or designee
  4. A Member of the County board
  5. A representative of the land information office
  6. A realtor or member of the Realtor Association employed within the county
  7. A public safety or emergency communications representative employed within the county
  8. The county surveyor or a registered professional land surveyor employed within the county
  9. Other members of the board or public that the board designates

Kellen Nelson - County Board Supervisor April 2024 
Rose Ottumn - Register of Deeds  
Ann Hempel - Land Information Officer  
Tess Cieminski - GIS Technician  
Nick Gamroth - Real Property Lister  
Laurie Halama - Treasurer  
Vacant - Director of Land Management  
Joe Nelson - County Surveyor  
Neil Olson - Highway Commissioner  
Pat Malone - UW Extension  
Brett Semingson - Sheriff  
Tim Robertson - IT Director  
Dustin Stevens - Emergency Management  
Nate Trim - Realtor  
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