Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

Agenda's and Minutes

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The County Board Chair will act as the Chair on the Committee. The Trempealeau County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, hereinafter, Council, was created by resolution that was adopted by the Trempealeau County Board of Supervisors on February 18, 2008.


The Council meets at least four times a year (quarterly); dates and times vary.


The Council is not a body that “orders” members to do anything beyond what any one member has the legal power to do as a part of their legal position. It strives to make system-wide policy through consensus. The Council can make recommendations to public policy boards regarding juvenile and criminal justice system issues. These are advisory recommendations.

Decision Making: The Council is obligated to follow both the WI Open Meeting Law and the WI Open Records Law. The Council will strive for consensus on all issues. If the group is unable to reach consensus in a reasonable period, majority voting rules will apply. Robert’s Rules of Order will apply where these operating rules or county board rules do not cover a specific situation.

Committees: Executive Committee – Only members of the council may serve on the Executive Committee. The Council shall determine the membership of the Executive Committee. Any member of the Council may attend and participate in the Executive Committee meetings. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the following: ensure assignments are completed and prepared for Council meetings; propose to the Council the formation of Standing Committees, Subcommittees and Ad Hoc Committees; recommend to the Council individuals to serve as chairs and members of above listed committees; coordinate the Standing Committees, Subcommittees and Ad Hoc Committees.
MembersThere are 18 voting members of the Council who are members due to the position they hold. These members serve on the Council for as long as they occupy the position:

Chief Judge
District Attorney
Director of Health & Human Services
Parole & Probation Manager
Chief Deputy
Director of Court Services
Jail Administrator
Victim Witness Coordinator
Administrator of the TC HCC
County Board Chair
Law Enforcement Committee Board Member
Human Services committee Board Member
TC HCC Board Member
Executive/Finance Committee Board Member
3 Members of the public

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