Building Oversight Committee

Agenda's and Minutes
General Information

Members Trempealeau County Circuit Court Judge, Trempealeau County Sheriff, Two County Board members (one being the Chairperson), One Department Head not involved in the criminal justice system and Two Trempealeau County Citizen members that are not county employees or committee members.

Appointed By:

Appointed by County Chair




Authority to gather information from other Committees, Boards, Department Heads, County employees, consultants, the public and any other source deemed appropriate by the Committee regarding the type of facility that would be appropriate for the County based on its needs, and bring a recommendation(s) regarding type of facility and projected costs to the full County Board at its May 2020 meeting and continue as the oversight committee through completion of the project.

TC Board Chairman John Aasen Chairperson
Supervisor Randall Tollefson  Vice Chair
Health Dept. Director/Health Officer Barb Barczak Secretary
Proj. Man. Engineer Ashley Furniture Corp. Nate Tabbert  Citizen Member
City of Whitehall Mayor Jeff Hauser Citizen Member
Judge Rian Radtke   
Sheriff Brett Semingson   
District Attorney John Sacia  
Clerk of Court Michelle Weisenberger  
IT Director Tim Robertson  
Facilities Director Jeremy Matheny  
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