Family to Family Foster Care

When children are unable to live with their family it is necessary to find an alternate arrangement for their care. We rely on foster parents to provide care if there is not an available or appropriate family member to provide care to the child. Trempealeau County is continually recruiting additional foster care resources.
What is Foster Care?Foster care is giving someone else's child a secure and loving place to grow while meeting their most basic needs. Foster families make a big difference in the lives of children. In Trempealeau County there's a demand to help children of all ages live in a safe and healthy environment while their parents get the help they need. We are continuously recruiting foster homes on a full-time, respite, and/or emergency basis.

Children are placed in foster care for various reasons. Some examples are a child who has been abandoned, a child who is a victim of abuse or neglect, or a child who has committed a delinquent act. Generally, placement in foster care is temporary and intended to give birth families time to make changes necessary for the child to live safely back in his/her home. Most children in foster care return home to their families. Others find permanence through adoption or guardianship.
What Are Some of the Requirements to Become a Foster Parent?

  • Can be single, married, or in a domestic partnership
  • Be 21 years of age
  • Be free of physical or mental conditions that would interfere with the ability to provide care and safety for a child
  • Be willing to complete criminal background checks, including fingerprints
  • Home must pass physical environment requirements per s. 56.07
  • Have homeowner's or renter's insurance
  • Can work in or outside the home - must have another source of income
  • Complete fire inspection and water sample test
  • Complete required training
  • All adults in the home must pass licensure process.

**If you have questions about any of the qualifications please call 715-538-1768 and ask to speak to the foster care coordinator. He/She can answer all of your questions or concerns regarding applying for a foster home license **
What Are Some Benefits to Becoming a Foster Parent?Being a foster parent carries a very special reward - knowing that you are really helping someone that needs you very much. Many children in Trempealeau County need your help - either full-time, respite or emergency foster care.

The foster parent (s) decides which child to bring into the family. Foster parents will receive a history of the child including his/her medical background. A Trempealeau County Social Worker will make home visits after placement and be available for follow-up as needed.

Financial and supplemental assistance are available to the foster family; however, foster care is not intended to function as an income. If a foster child has emotional, behavioral, or medical problems, an additional monthly supplemental payment may be made to cover the costs of caring for the child's special needs.

Think about it and join our Family to Family Foster Care Program. Apply or call if you have any questions and speak with the Foster Home Coordinator at 715-538-1768.

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