Childrens Medicaid Waiver Programs

The Principles of The CLTS Medicaid Waivers:

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  • Family Centered
  • Individualized
  • Outcome-Based
  • Flexible
  • Promote Quality of Life

What are the Children's Long-Term Support (CLTS) Medicaid Waivers?

Wisconsin has three approved CLTS Waivers for children with developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, and severe emotional disturbances. The purpose of the waivers is to help families support their children with severe disabilities within their own home. The CLTS Waivers are funded through Medicaid and local funding. They are known as Medicaid Waivers because the Federal government "waived" certain regulations so that Medicaid dollars can pay for services in the community. The CLTS Waivers began in 2003 and were developed as a part of the Children's Long-Term Support Redesign Project in Wisconsin.

Who is Eligible for the CLTS Waivers?

The CLTS Waivers are available to children and youth under the age of 22 who have a developmental disability, physical disability, or severe emotional disturbance. They are available in all counties across Wisconsin.

A child's eligibility may be determined by contacting your local county human services agency responsible for administering the CLTS Waiver Program.

What Possible Services Do the CLTS Medicaid Waivers Pay For?

The CLTS Waivers cover a broad range of services, depending on a child's and family's identified needs. Some examples of possible services include:

  • Image of Child drawingAdaptive Aids
  • Service Coordination
  • Communication aids
  • In-home treatment therapy
  • Daily living skills training
  • Day services
  • Respite
  • Home modifications
  • Supportive home care

What is the Role of the County?

The county's role is to assist families and children in the initial application process and receiving CLTS Waiver services. This includes working with the family to develop an Individualized Services Plan (ISP) that will include the services and Supports that are needed to address the child and family's unique needs. Service Coordinators continue to work with children and their families to assure that all needs are being met over time and under changing circumstances.

What is the Role of the State?

Children's Services Specialists (CSS) at the State work closely with the county and families. CSS Staff:

  • Review and approve Children's Waiver plans.
  • Provide consultation and training for families, providers and counties.
  • Work with families to answer questions and assist with accessing local programs.

What is the Role of the Family?

Parents are active members of the treatment team. They assist in identifying the outcomes based on the needs of the family and child.

Parents are assessed a parental fee which contributes towards the cost of services. The fee is calculated based on household income.

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