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babiesWisconsin's Birth to 3 Program believes in using practices supported by research. These practices are commonly referred to as evidence-based practices. Our approach to providing services and supports to families includes three important components: (1) Natural learning environment practices.; (2) Coaching as an interaction style; (3) A primary coach approach to teaming. This three component model meets the requirements of Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and uses family- centered practices as the foundation for the support.

Every family has access to a full team of professionals: A primary coach approach to teaming ensures that every family has access to a full team of early interventionists that minimally includes an early childhood special educator, occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech and language therapist and a service coordinator.

The team is responsible for supporting the primary coach through team meetings, sharing information and ideas, participating in joint visits with families to answer questions and provide support, and attending IFSP meetings, etc.
Meet our County Team

Photo Melissa FrankMelissa Frank
Program/ Service Coordinator

(715) 538-2311 ext 456
Melissa joined the team in 2007. She has been working with children and families in their homes since 1994. Melissa enjoys meeting families and helping them to find needed supports. For fun Melissa enjoys craft projects and gardening.


Photo Nicole BakerNicole Baker
M.S. CCC-SLP-Speech and Language Pathologist

Nicole has been working in Birth to 3 since 2005. She also has experience working in the public school system. Nicole is the mother of two children, a girl and a boy. She enjoys coaching families so that they can communicate with their child more effectively.

Photo Agusta LillisAgusta Lillis
OTR- Occupational Therapist

Agusta graduated from Mount Mary College in 1999. She has worked with families in Birth to 3 since 2004. She also works in the schools with children ages 3-21. For enjoyment and relaxation she enjoys being a ZUMBA instructor.

Photo Tammy SchemenauerTammy Schemenauer
PT-Physical Therapist

Tammy has been working with Birth to 3 programs since 2004. She has also been with CESA 10 working with children in schools since 1997. She especially enjoys helping children and their families incorporate therapy ideas into their daily routines.

Photo Tammy StearnsTammy Stearns
ECSE-Early Childhood Special Educator

Tammy has a bachelor's degree in communication disorders and a master's degree in ECSE, both from UW-Eau Claire. She has been working with families in Birth to 3 since 1994. Tammy loves when families find joy together in their interactions with each other and when families feel confident in helping their children reach their full potential.

What is the Parent's Role?
Parents actively participate to:

  • Identify activities and learning opportunities their child and family enjoy
  • Try out some of the practices talked about with the coach
  • Decide which ideas work or what needs to be done differently

Parent's responsiveness to their child is key to promoting improved child participation.
What is the Birth to 3 Team's Role?Your family will have a primary coach who will be supported by a team of skilled professionals.

The Primary coach visits regularly to:

  • Explore activities, learning opportunities and practices with the parents.
  • Try out some of the practices discussed with the family
  • Find out which practices work and what might need to be thought about differently with the team.
Birth to 3 Guiding Principles
  • Photo woman and child playingChildren's optimal development depends on their being viewed first as children and second as children with a disability.
  • A child's greatest resource is their family
  • Parents are partners in any activity that serves their children.
  • Just as children are best supported within the context of family, the family is best supported within the context of the community.
  • Professionals are most effective when they can work as a team member with parents and others.
  • Collaboration is the best way to provide comprehensive services.
  • Early intervention enhances the development of children.

(Some brochure contents adapted from Script for Explaining an Evidence-Based Early Intervention Model (D. Rush & M. Shelden, 2008)

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