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Mailboxes on State HighwaysAny mailbox that is hit and damaged by a plow truck is repaired in accordance with the County Highway Department policy. Replacement mailbox will be a standard metal mailbox.

A mailbox damaged by the impact of snow or ice being removed from the roadway by the plows are to repaired or replaced at the owners expense.

Adopt-A-Highway Again Available to Volunteers in trempealeau County

Adopt-A-Highway in Trempealeau County is an anti-litter campaign which allows volunteer groups to clean up litter along Trempealeau County Highways in their own area.
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attention property owners encroachments on county right of way
Over the past few years it has come to our attention that some landowners have been continually encroaching upon the right of way of the Trempealeau County Trunk Highway System. Under WI STATUS 86.04 unauthorized placement of such items as fencing; planting of crops, shrubs and trees; farm equipment or vehicles for sale; and the placement of advertising signs (real estate, political, etc.) on right of way are prohibited. This creates a safety hazard for the motoring public. Person(s) placing these encroachments can be held liable should they cause or contribute to an accident.
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Political and campaign signs

Any Signs along roadways, including political/campaign signs, pose potential hazards. Improperly placed signs can:

  • Obstruct a motorist's view
  • Distract a driver's attention
  • Compound damages or injuries in the event of a crash
  • Endanger the safety of individuals who are erecting signs along busy highways
  • Present obstacles to crews who maintain (mow) roadways
Political/campaign signs, especially larger billboard-type signs, are particularly dangerous when placed in vision areas at intersections.

directional and informational sign
Any signs directing the motorists to services, food, lodging, or tourist attractions or activities:

bicycle loops
The Nation's Largest Connected Bicycle Loop System. Trempealeau County Wisconsin Bicycle Loops , with 506 miles of paved back roads, only 3 cars per Hour! For additional information regarding Bicycle Loops in Trempealeau County visit these websites: and . Additional information regarding Wisconsin State bicycle maps and information can be found on the Department of Transportation Wisconsin Bicycle page.

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