Uniform Numbering

Uniform Numbering/Rural Addressing (911 Address)In 1993 and 1994 Trempealeau County implemented a 911 system for providing emergency services. This resulted in a county wide uniform numbering system for all rural residences and some of the cities and villages. Each rural residence was given an address number and a sign was placed at their residence. All town and county roads and state highways were declared to be north/south or east/west running roads. Address numbers that are on north/south roads begin with N and address numbers that are on east/west roads begin with W. Each address has a five-digit number attached to it. These numbers get larger as you go further north in the county and further west in the county.

By ordinance Uniform Number signs are to be placed on the left side of the driveway upon entrance and beyond the right of way line. Signs must be parallel to the town, county or state highway. If the above requirements cannot be met signs must be placed where they are highly visible. After there has been a request for a new address the Land Records Department assigns the address. Once the address has been assigned the sign is ordered and upon delivery of the sign the sign will then be installed.

Addressing and Road related Forms:

Uniform Number (911 address) Permit Application

If your sign has become faded or is NOT BLUE in color you can contact the Emergency Management Department (877-538-2311 ext 215) so that a replacement sign can be ordered. Also if your residence was missed during the original addressing or if you have a damaged or stolen address sign return a completed permit application so that a sign can be ordered.

If you have other questions or comments concerning uniform number address signs contact the Department of Land Management at 877-538-2311 ext. 223.

If you have specific address related issues or concerns please contact the Land Records Department at 877-538-2311 ext. 344.
Sample of Sign TypeFaded Sign
Picture of Red faded Address Sign

Red Sign
Picture of Good Red Address Sign

Blue Sign
Picture of good blue address sign

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