SurveyorThe Surveying Department is responsible for duties as described in Chapter 59.45 of Wisconsin State Statutes, as well as others such as:

  • Maintain a filing system for all survey records.
  • Provide assistance to Land Records, Department of Land Management and other county departments and staff.
  • Be available to answer survey related questions from the public.
  • Provide technical review of Certified Survey Maps and other types of maps prior to recording.
  • Keep County Committees informed on surveying related issues.
  • Provide land surveying services for the maintenance of United States Public Land Survey System (USPLSS) corners.
List of Surveyors

Picture of a Survey MarkerCounty SurveyingIn the late 1840s and the early 1850s the federal government originally surveyed lands located in Trempealeau County. This survey was designed in a rectangular fashion, now more commonly referred to as the U.S. Public Land Survey System. This system was devised to provide a basis for providing title to land as well as a means by which title can be related to the parcel it describes. One of the major requirements of this system was the establishment of monuments marking the corners of this rectangular system. These corners are the foundation for virtually all real property ownership in the county. One of the main duties of the County Surveyor's Office is to protect and perpetuate these corner monuments. The County Surveyor's Office, has completed the Remonumentation of the USPLSS, which consists of remonumenting the required original government corners and determining the coordinate value for each remonumented corner.

The following products of the Remonumentation of the USPLSS are provided for public use:

  • U.S. Public Land Survey Monument Record Form
Details type of monument placed or found at USPLSS corner. Describes various types of evidence considered for acceptance of corner position. Shows a plan view drawing providing reference ties to witness monuments. Indicates any material discrepancies between corner as restored and the location of that corner as previously restored. Shows the chronological corner history.

  • Section Data Sheets 
Shows bearings and distances between section and quarter section corners for each section. Shows monument type at each corner.

  • Township maps
Shows bearings and distances between section and quarter section corners for each remonumented USPLSS corner in congressional townships.

  • Trempealeau County Coordinate lists
Lists the coordinate value for each USPLSS corner based on the Wisconsin Coordinate Reference System, Trempealeau County Zone (North American Datum of 1983, 1991 Adjustment.)
Survey RecordsUSPLSS Monument Records - Current records - indexed by the Wisconsin Corner Point Identification System ( Romportl System ). Past Records - indexed by numeric grid system referenced to a county hard copy base map.

Section Data Sheets - indexed numerically by Township, Range and Section.

Township Maps - indexed numerically by Township and Range.

Small Maps - legal size maps indexed numerically with S prefix.

Large Maps - All other maps of various sizes indexed numerically with L prefix.

Certified Survey Maps - Copies of recorded Certified Survey Maps indexed by Certified Survey Map volume and page.
Certified Survey Map and Plat ReviewPrior to recording all certified survey maps and plats are reviewed by the County Surveying Department for compliance with the County Subdivision Ordinance , State Statutes and Minimum Standards for property surveys. A Certified Survey Map Application is available for your convenience.

Picture of a Survey Stake Marker

Office Hours

Surveying records are available for viewing and research during regular county business hours. The County Surveyor's weekly office day is Wednesday. Please call ahead for appointments. 

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