Sanitary (POWTS)

Private Onsite Waste Treatment Systems (POWTS)/Septic SystemsOrdinanceOn March 19, 2001 the Trempealeau County Board of Supervisors adopted the Sanitary and Private Sewage System Ordinance . The purpose of the ordinance is to promote and protect the public health and safety by assuring the proper sitting, design, installation, inspection, and management of private sewage systems and non-plumbing sanitation systems.

Private Sewage Forms.

DSC00041   Typical soil profile with seasonal high ground-water limitations

DSC00037   Typical soil profile with bedrock limitations
Soil TestGetting a soil test is the first step in the process of installing a new septic system (POWTS). A licensed soil tester will determine the type and location of the POWTS. Once a soil test has been completed the tested area should be kept clear from all land disturbing activities in the area of the test. A benchmark will be established through the soil testing process, this benchmark should be protected.

DSC00038   Backhoe pit ready for evaluation

DSC00035   Completed soil test area between pits
Sanitary PermitOnce the soil test is complete the next step in installing a septic system (POWTS) is to get a sanitary permit . Contact a licensed plumber to have them fill out and submit the state sanitary permit application to the county. Before a state sanitary permit can be submitted the licensed plumber must design the POWTS.

DSC00013   End view of Conventional Trench

Conventional and holding tank plans can be submitted to the county, all other system plans need to be submitted to the Dept. of Commerce, Safety and Buildings Division. Plan approval with the Dept. of Commerce often takes several weeks so plan ahead for this in the POWTS installation process. All of the applicable state plumbing codes (COMM 81-87, 91) can be accessed through the Dept. of Safety and Professional Services website . Reconnecting to existing code compliant POWTS, repairs of existing POWTS, privies, portable rest rooms, chemical and incinerating toilets all require a county sanitary permit . Once the county has issued a sanitary permit the POWTS can be installed by the licensed plumber . The county will send a septic tank pumping notice to you every third year after the installation. Septic systems must be pumped by a licensed septic pumper . Proper system maintenance is important to insure the long life of your POWTS.

Private Sewage Forms 

DSC00031   Side view of Conventional Trench

Permit Fees
Wisconsin Fund Grant ProgramThe county participates in a grant program for the replacement of existing failed septic systems (POWTS). You must meet certain criteria to qualify . Grant amounts depend on state budget funding levels. There is no guarantee that money will be available. All applications for this program are due in by the 31st of December each year. If you are eligible and qualify for the program and apply before December 31st your grant check will typically be available by September of the following year. The system must be installed and paid for before grant money is released. Grant amounts are determined by the soil type, system sizing and type of system components installed. The grant award cannot exceed 60% of the system cost. It is the applicant's responsibility to get all of the applicable documents to the zoning office.

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