Nutrient Management Planning (NMP)

Nutrient Management Planning (NMP)All new and expanding livestock facilities, all Animal Waste Storage permit holders, and any person participating in a cost-share project are required to comply with NR 151 and complete a Nutrient Management Plan. This plan is to be updated annually, and soil test updates every 4 years. The Nutrient Management Checklist and a completed Nutrient Management Plan MUST be submitted by April 15th of each year to the Department of Land Management.

If it's Red, Don't Spread!Check Wisconsin's Online Runoff Risk Advisory Forecast before spreading manure or other nutrients

Links with helpful information on nutrient management

If you desire to complete a Nutrient Management Plan prior to being able to take spring or fall soil tests, you may insert soil test data as follows and submit an accurate NMP within 12 months:

If you are interested in creating your own Nutrient Management Plan please check out the 590 Nutrient Management Class through Western Technical College . These classes will provide the necessary information and qualifications for those that want to fill out their own plan.

If you have any questions regarding Nutrient Management Plans, contact Ben Anderson (ext. 273) at the Department of Land Management

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