Non-Metallic & Metallic Mining

Non-Metallic & Metallic MiningNon-Metallic MiningNon-Metallic Mining Reclamation Ordinance

Chapter NR 135, Wisconsin Administrative Code requires counties to adopt and implement a Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation Ordinance. The purpose of the ordinance is to establish a local program to ensure the effective reclamation of nonmetallic mining sites on which nonmetallic mining takes place in Trempealeau County.

The Trempealeau County Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance does require a conditional use permit for the operation of a non-metallic mine. By definition Nonmetallic Mining means:

Operations or activities for the extraction from the earth for sale or use by the operator of mineral aggregates such as stone, sand, gravel and nonmetallic minerals such as asbestos, beryl, clay, feldspar, peat, talc; and topsoil-related operations or activities such as excavation, grading or dredging if the purpose of those operations or activities is the extraction of mineral aggregates and nonmetallic minerals; and related processes such as crushing, screening, scalping, dewatering and blending. Nonmetallic mining or nonmetallic mining operation does not include or allow the following activities or uses by way of illustration which include, but are not limited to: manufacture of concrete building blocks or other similar products, asphalt or hot blacktop mixing and production of ready mix concrete.

Prior to conducting any non-metallic mining activity in Trempealeau County please contact the Trempealeau County Department of Land Management.

Metallic Mining
There is no Metallic Mining in Trempealeau County

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