Livestock Facilities

Livestock Facilities InformationPrior to doing any construction, earth moving, filling or grading in Trempealeau County please contact the Department of Land Management for information on any applicable local regulations.

If any of the following criteria apply, you may need a Livestock Facility Permit

  • You are building a new livestock facility with 10+ animal units
  • Expanding an existing livestock facility

If any of the following apply, you may need a Conditional Use Permit

  • If you are building a new facility or expanding to 300 animal units or greater
  • 1000+ animal units will need a Conditional Use Permit and DNR CAFO
  • Permit (WPDES Permit). See CAFO link below for more information

If you have 1000 animal units or greater (as determined by the DNR Animal Unit Calculator ), you will need to apply for a Wisconsin DNR CAFO permit (WPDES Permit) .

Trempealeau County will not issue a Livestock permit to a new or expanding facility exceeding 1000 animals units until the facility has been issued a CAFO (WPDES Permit) from the Wisconsin DNR

Permits, plans, and information that you may need to provide to the Department of Land Management for a new or expanding livestock facility are linked below

For a complete permit packets:

Information and pages included in complete permit packets:

If you have any questions regarding Livestock Facility Permits,
call Ben Anderson (ext. 273) with the Department of Land Management

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