Conservation Aids

Wisconsin DNR Conservation Aids ProjectsSection 23.09 (12) of the Wisconsin Statutes, authorizes the payment of state aids to counties on several types of fish and game projects. The general purpose of the program is to encourage counties to undertake projects to preserve and enhance fish and game habitat.

Following are some examples of the types of projects that are eligible for funds:
GeneralLand acquisition for fish and game habitat preservation, the development of shooting ranges which included a hunter safety program component, boat launch development, initial purchase of specialized equipment such as pumps and aerators, etc.
Fish ManagementAquatic habitat development, brush shelters in lakes, chemical rehabilitation of waters, fishing pier construction, impoundment's for fishing, pond or lake dredging for habitat improvement, spawning area developments, streambank fencing, stream improvement devices including bank repair, fishing access sites, etc.
Wildlife ManagementConstruction of parking areas, diking and ditching, fence construction, flowage and pothole construction, food patches and wildlife plantings, habitat improvement including brush piles, controlled burning and nesting structures, access roads and hunter walking trail construction including seeding, mowing and signing fencing and boundary posting for hunting and fishing areas, construction of wood duck houses, etc.

There are other types of projects that improve the fish and game resource. If any doubt arises on questionable types of projects, contact the Land Management Department.
INELIGIBLE PROJECTS:Nature and interpretive trails, parks and picnic areas, snowmobile/ATV facilities, operation and maintenance such as continuing operation of an aeration system, fish and game propagation, pamphlets and publications or audio/visual materials.
Trempealeau County Environment and Land Use Committee
(E & LU)

Policies Involving Conservation Aids FundingDNR allocates money to the counties on an acreage basis. Trempealeau County with 739 square miles is eligible for $1,991.00 in State funds. These funds matched with a like amount from the Conservation Club total $3,982.00.

  • Sponsors of Conservation Aids Project proposals must submit a written request to the Land Management Department by August 1st.
  • The Environment & Land Use Committee will review the proposals during their August regular session and will select an Annual Conservation Aids Project for funding. Criteria for selection will include:The E & LU Committee will notify the sponsor of the selected project within 5 working days of their decision.
    • Funding eligibility requirements.
    • Alternative sources for funding.
    • Priority ranking of the association.
    • The county's long-range conservation goals.
    • Sponsor's maintenance of existing projects.
  • The decision of the E & LU Committee is final.
  • the selected application will be forwarded to the DNR. The DNR will notify the County when state grant funds become available.
  • Sponsors of the project will sign a maintenance agreement with Trempealeau County, agreeing to maintain the selected project through the projects expected life span.

Land to be used for projects must be in public ownership or the county must have a lease or agreement in writing assuring public use for the life of the project. A copy of such lease or agreement must be made a part of the application where other than public lands are to be developed.

Applications can be obtained by contacting the Trempealeau County Land Management Department or by going to the DNR website , printing off an application and sending it to the Land Management Department before the deadline.

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