Animal Waste Storage

Animal Waste StoragePrior to doing any construction, earth moving, filling or grading in Trempealeau County please contact the Department of Land Management for information on any applicable local regulations.

Any person who constructs, installs, reconstructs, enlarges, substantially alters, closes or transfers ownership of an animal waste storage facility; or who employs another person to do the same, is required to obtain a Trempealeau County Animal Waste Storage Facility Permit, sign the Certificate of Use, and follow the operating requirements listed in the Certificate of Use.

Construction or expansion of any animal waste storage facility that will exceed 150 square feet requires a completed Trempealeau County Building Permit .

Cost-sharing may be available to abandon and construct animal waste storage facilities. If you are interested in cost-sharing for animal waste storage facilities, please complete and turn in a Cost-Share Application .

Any person who constructs an animal waste storage facility will need to complete a 590 Nutrient Management Plan .

If you have any questions regarding Animal Waste Storage,
call Ben Anderson (ext. 273) with the Department of Land Management

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