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Legal ServicesLegal services are provided through the Elderly Benefit Specialist Program.

An Elderly Benefit Specialist is a person trained to help older persons who are having a problem with their private or government benefits. They are often called "red tape cutters" because they are experts at helping older persons with the extensive and complicated paperwork that is often required in benefit programs.

Benefit Specialists are continually trained and monitored by attorneys knowledgeable in elder law issues. The attorneys are also available to assist older persons in need of legal representation.

A Benefit Specialist can help by providing you with accurate and current information on your benefits; by advocating on your behalf with other parties involved; and by explaining other possible solutions; and, if necessary, by referring you to an appropriate attorney.

A Benefit Specialist can help you with problems with Medicare, Social Security, SSI, Medical Assistance, Consumer Problems, Age Discrimination, Veteran's Benefits, Insurance, Housing Issues, Spousal Impoverishment Protection, Food Stamps, and many other legal and benefit problems.

The program is supported with funds from the County, State, and Federal government. There is no income limit for services and there is no charge for services. Persons assisted by the Benefit Specialist are welcome to make a donation toward the cost of the service and all donations are used to expand the service.

The Benefit Specialist is located at the ADRC. You may make an appointment by calling toll free: (800) 273-2001.

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