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Health Services & ResourcesVision:Everyone Living Better, Longer
Goals:Improve Health Across the Life Span
Eliminate Health Disparities and Achieve Health Equity
Mission:To Assure Conditions in which People can be Healthy, and Members of 
Healthy, Safe, and Resilient Families and Communities.

Public health nursing, as practiced in Wisconsin, reflects the needs of communities, professional nursing standards, state and local laws and regulations, and the evolution of public health practice in general.

Public health nurses, like all professional nurses in Wisconsin, derive the authority for independent professional nursing action from the Wisconsin nurse practice act, Wisconsin Statute, Chapter 441 "Board of Nursing." All professional nursing practice in Wisconsin is regulated through this law. In order to practice in Wisconsin, professional nurses are required to graduate from an accredited school of nursing, be examined (tested) on their knowledge of professional nursing practice, and hold a Wisconsin Registered Nurse (R.N.) license. 

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