Special Units

Special UnitsTrempealeau County Emergency Response TeamThe Trempealeau County Sheriff's Office Emergency Response Team (ERT) is a combined unit that consists of highly trained personnel from the Sheriff's Office and 3 municipalities within the county.
Trempealeau County K-9 UnitK-9 units have proven to be a tremondous asset for Trempealeau County in an effort to safeguard our communites. 
Crash ReconstructionThe Trempealeau County Sheriff's Office has a deputy trained in Total Station, which helps to reconstruct an accident scene. Total Station is a scene measuring device which uses laser technology to obtain measurements, and a data recording device to store the measurements. Total Station is used to measure both crash scenes and crime scenes. The data is downloaded into a CAD program which is used to create scaled diagrams of the scenes measured.
DEC (Drug Endangered Children)
The Drug Endangered Children (DEC) program is a cooperative program between the Trempealeau County Sheriff's Office and Trempealeau County Department of Human Services.  DEC investigates cases of neglect and/or abuse due to a caregiver's use, distribution or manufacturing of any controlled substance or the caregiver's failure to prevent or protect the child from exposure to use, distribution or manufacture of any controlled substance. The position also provides community outreach and education in the areas of drug use, trends and their effects on our county.
The Trempealeau County Sheriff's Office has two drones and two pilots to operate the aircrafts. The remote controlled piloted vehicle can fly to enable law enforcement real-time video from an aerial view. The aircraft can give a view point that cannot be obtained by those on the ground. The pilots which operate the drones can be called to assist multiple agencies.

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