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Welcome to the Trempealeau County Sheriff's Office Web Page. The Trempealeau County Sheriff's Office began operation in 1854 and has since been dedicated to serving and protecting the 29,525 citizens of Trempealeau County by providing them with safe and secure communities. 

As the county's leading law enforcement agency the primary purpose of the Trempealeau County Sheriff's Office is to provide quality law enforcement services to the citizens we serve, through the promotion of community safety. Sheriff's Office employees continually strive to prevent crime when possible, intervene appropriately when crimes occur, and improve individual and community capacities to prevent future crime in the most cost effective way. As county employees, we operate on behalf of and are accountable to both the people who are directly affected by crime and our community at-large.

Over the years law enforcement has been continuously evolving moving towards the trend of community oriented policing. Community policing provides law enforcement with an opportunity to take a more "proactive" rather than reactive approach to law enforcement. This philosophy focuses on crime and social disorder through the delivery of police services that includes aspects of traditional law enforcement, as well as prevention, problem-solving, community engagement and partnerships. As law enforcement officers it is our responsibility and dedication to promote the relationship between law enforcement and the community through the development and promotion of "credibility, responsibility, integrity, and professionalism".

For questions, comments, or concerns regarding Trempealeau County Law Enforcement email the Sheriff Brett Semingson at
Sheriff Brett Semingson

Mission Statement

Our Team is committed to service by protecting the Lives, Constitutional Rights and Property of The People 

Vision Statement

Ensure that Trempealeau County is a safe place for people to live, work and enjoy life 


Integrity, Professionalism, Service, Safety, Team 


Continue to be a professional Sheriff's Office backed by Policy, Training and Supervision

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Office  (715) 538-4509
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18600 Hobson Street
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Brett Semingson