General Information

General Information

Victim Information

We encourage crime victims or those who wish to receive automated notification when an inmate is released from custody or their custody status changes to contact Victim Information & Notification Everyday (VINE) at or 1-888-944-8463 or 1-888-WI-4-VINE.

Court Appearances

The initial court appearance is typically scheduled for Intake Court at 1:00 PM approximately 1-5 business days after arrest. Appearance may be in person or by video. Court date and times are subject to change.
Inmate Messages

We do not relay messages to an inmate unless there is a serious illness, injury or death or other verified emergency that exists.

Posting Bond

During regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, excluding Holidays), bond can be posted at the Clerk of Courts office located in the Courthouse. The Clerk of Courts office will accept cash or Credit Card only.

After business hours and on holidays bond can be posted at the jail, or electronically through . We accept cash or a major credit card only. There is an additional fee charged if bond is posted by credit card. If you are posting bond in the amount of $5,000.00 or more, your social security number and proper identification will be required.

Once bond is posted, if the defendant fails to comply with ANY conditions of bond, the bond money could be forfeited. If the defendant is found guilty, the bond will be applied towards restitution, fine or costs.
Inmate Accounts

You can deposit funds (cash or credit card, no personal checks) into an inmate's account by mail or through a Kiosk located in the jail lobby, or online at . Please note that a percentage of the deposit may be applied towards his/her jail debt. Inmates may order snacks, hygiene items or purchase phone minutes if they have funds available in their inmate account.

Family/friends may opt to purchase specific commissary items for an inmate through Items will incur a 10% processing fee and will be shipped directly to the jail. You may call #870-627-5476 if you have a discrepancy or question regarding an inmate commissary order. 

Health Care

Inmates will have access to health care services during incarceration. It is their responsibility to provide insurance coverage information. All health care costs incurred will be billed directly to the inmate, however, care will not be denied based on inability to pay. We do not release health care information to anyone without a signed release of information from the inmate.

Inmate Property

NO items will be accepted for an inmate, except prescription medications, eyeglasses or other pre-approved medical equipment.

Inmates may release personal property to someone provided the inmate completes a "Release of Property" form. If the inmate is transferring to prison, the inmate must have this form on file and property is to be retrieved within 30 days or will be disposed of. Photo identification is required to retrieve personal property from an inmate.
Inmate Visitation

Visiting is conducted through video visitation; both on and off-site. You may pre-schedule visits once the inmate is placed in general population through Off-site visits require the end user have proper computer equipment & camera and will be assessed a fee per minute.

 On-site visits are at no cost and available daily, depending on inmates housing and classification levels, from 8:00 am - 10:00 pm.  You must have valid photo identification, appropriately dressed, and alcohol free in order to visit. Those under the age of 18 must have an adult present during the visit. Visitors must supervise their children or the visit will be terminated.  Individuals recently released from Trempealeau County Jail must wait 60 days before they may conduct a visit with a current inmate.  Visits may be restricted or terminated at any time due to safety, security, order of the jail or inappropriate conduct. Visits are subject to monitoring and recording by the jail.

All visitors are prohibited from recording inmate visitation this includes: audio, visual, and cell phone images. Visitors shall refrain from using cell phones during visitation.

Note:  During Covid-19 pandemic, on-site visitation will be limited to courthouse hours only, Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:15pm. (excluding holidays). The visitor must wear a mask and may be subject to Covid screening questions. If Covid symptomatic or recent contact with a Covid positive case, we encourage you to remain home.
Telephone Calls

Inmates have access to telephones from approximately 8 AM to 10 PM daily depending on classification level and housing assignments.  Inmates can make outgoing calls only; they cannot receive incoming calls. You may purchase inmate telephone minutes by calling NCIC at 1-800-943-2189. Telephone calls are subject to monitoring and recording. If you are receiving calls from the jail and wish them to stop you can block your telephone number by contacting the jail.


Inmates are able to email messages to family and friends at a nominal fee, which includes one reply. Emails are subject to monitoring and review. Visitors may also send photo snapshots to inmates.  Photos and emails may be rejected if deemed a threat to safety, security and order of the jail. Rejected emails/photos will not be refunded. Emails may be blocked by contacting the jail.


All personal mail must be sent through the US Postal Service. Incoming mail shall contain the name of the inmate and have a complete full name and address. All personal mail is scanned/reviewed with exception of legal mail. Any unauthorized item sent to an inmate through mail may be discarded, returned to sender, or placed in the inmate’s jail locker.  "Postage Due" mail will not be accepted, unless the inmate is able to pay the expense. Inmates may not receive stationary, envelopes, stamps, stickers, labels, or any item containing glue. Any mail that is dirty, stained, heavily perfumed, or contains foreign particles (like powders or fabric softener sheets) will be considered contaminated and will be discarded. Photographs containing nudity, drugs, alcohol, firearms, offensive material, inappropriate behavior, gang related material or items that may pose a threat to the safety, security, or order of the jail will not be accepted.

Books and/or newspapers may be shipped to an inmate directly from the Publisher with pre-approval of a Jail Supervisor.

Inmate Marriages

Eligible inmates seeking to marry during incarceration, must seek pre-approval of the Jail Administrator.

Huber/Electronic Monitoring

All sentenced inmates who are granted Huber privilege by the Court will be required to report to jail alcohol/drug free and complete a Huber Packet if employed and actively working. Sentenced inmates will be automatically screened for electronic monitor placement. Placement will be based on current conviction, criminal history, community safety and residency. If you have questions regarding this program, please contact the Jail Administrator.

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