Military Discharge

Military DischargeVeterans are encouraged to have their military discharge papers (DD214) recorded in the local register of deeds office. The Register of Deeds will copy and index the DD214 and give the original back to the veteran. If the original is ever lost, destroyed or damaged, the veteran can always get a certified copy from the Register of Deeds. 

Military discharge papers are valuable to veterans because they may be required to prove eligibility for certain benefits and programs.

If you cannot locate your DD214 military discharge document or wish to record your DD214 with the register of deeds office, please contact the Trempealeau County Veteran's Service Office at (715) 538-2311 Ext. 217 for assistance.

You can also bring a certified copy of your DD214 from another county or from the Wisconsin Department of Veteran's Affairs and have it recorded with your local Register of Deeds for your convenience.

To get a certified copy of your DD214 military discharge document, which was recorded earlier with the Trempealeau County Register of Deeds or if you wish to record your DD214 Military discharge document, go to the Trempealeau County Veteran's Service Office at 36245 Main Street, Room 108, Whitehall, WI 54773. The staff there will verify your status as a veteran and prepare a request for a certified copy or request that we record your DD214 military discharge document. Present the request form to the Register of Deeds staff at the Courthouse;36245 Main Street, Room 106; Whitehall, and they will prepare the certified copy free of charge.

Military Discharges are filed and copies are made for veterans free of charge. Only the veteran may receive copies of his/her records and identification is required. 

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