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Corporation CounselTrempealeau County is by law a corporate part of the State of Wisconsin. Corporation Counsel is the attorney designated as the attorney for the County. The Corporation Counsel's Office represents the County in civil matters where the County is involved or has an interest. These matters include guardianships, protective placements, mental commitments, alcohol commitments, child support, collections, tax foreclosures, zoning and other ordinance enforcement among other civil matters. This office does not handle criminal or traffic matters. Those types of matters are handled by the District Attorney's Office .

Corporation Counsel also serves as legal advisor to the County. This entails providing legal advice to the County Board, County Departments and the Trempealeau County Health Care Center. Corporation Counsel does not provide legal advice to private individuals, corporations or other governmental agencies.

Other Corporation Counsel duties include serving as parliamentarian at County Board meetings and committee meetings, assisting responses to open records requests and preparing documents for court action. Corporation Counsel also provides legal services to County Departments by review and preparation of contracts, leases, agreements, policies, procedures, ordinances, resolutions and other documents.

Susan Fisher
Corporation Counsel Attorney

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Susan Fisher
Corporation Counsel Attorney

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