TranscriptsIf you need to request a transcript of a court hearing, you may contact the court reporter at susan.geiger@wicourts.govor by calling (715) 538-2311 , ext. 268. Please provide the following information in your request:

  • Date of hearing
  • Case name (For example, State vs. John Doe or Jane Doe vs. John Doe)
  • Case Number
  • Your name, telephone number, address & e-mail (if available)

If you are requesting a transcript and do not have an attorney, the court reporter will prepare an estimate of the transcript to inform you of the cost. The court reporter will then request prepayment of the transcript in the form of cash or money order and will refund any balance there may be when the transcript has been completed. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks from the time the payment as been received for the transcript to be completed.

For attorneys requesting a transcript, please put your request in writing, providing the same information mentioned above. The court reporter may request prepayment of the transcript.

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