Benjamin F. Hueston

Benjamin F. Hueston
County Judge
"...the plan for a new county (Trempealeau) was close to the hearts of Heustons."

Benjamin F. Heuston came to La Crosse in 1844 and then went into the lumbering industry. When La Crosse County was organized in 1850, he helped in the first canvass of votes at Black River Falls. At that time, Heuston felt the need to develop areas near the Mississippi River and have access to the Black River pineries. Cherising his dream, Heuston floated on a raft down the Black River and put up for the night with Jim Reed, listened to his good yarns, and partook of Reeds's well-known hospitality. In the morning the old trapper pointed Heuston the way along the newly surveyed road to the opening of Beaver Creek.

But Reed's Landing itself also looked like a good town site---so the daring Heuston got his friend Ira Hammond interested in buying land near there. With the hard work of many settlers, including George Gale, the area grew and soon became part of the sixth district.

In November of 1854, B. F. Heuston was chosen as county judge.

Biographical Sketcher were prepared by:
Mrs. Peggy Baumgartner
Business Law Teacher
G-E-T High School

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