Land Records

The Land Records Department of Trempealeau County is responsible for the design, development, implementation, and management of an enterprise geographic information system (GIS). Pursuit of this objective is accomplished using a variety of means, but critical elements in the process are a variety of GIS related technologies. GIS technologies provide tools for modernizing land records information systems. Current GIS modernization activities in Trempealeau County involve building the foundational elements such as parcels, digital orthophotography, and remonumentation. The Land Records Department is also intensively building GIS knowledge and skills by offering training to staff in the software, models, and data used in Trempealeau County.

Trempealeau County Land Records Department reports to the Executive/Finance Committee .
Primary duties of the Land Records Office

  • Public Service
  • Centralized Clearinghouse for Spatial Geographic Information
  • Maintain Parcel Mapping System for Trempealeau County
  • Rural Addressing
  • Land Use/Zoning Mapping
  • E911 Dispatch Mapping
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Ann Hempel
Land Records Modernization Coordinator 
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Tess Cieminski
GIS Technician
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Nick Gamroth
GIS Specialist
Real Property Lister 
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Joe Nelsen


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