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This message is for Trempealeau County residents who are serving on jury duty from 

November 1 -  December 1, 2023
The Jury Trials scheduled for November 30th, and December 1st are still on schedule at this time.

December 2 - 31, 2023

The Jury Trial scheduled for December 7th and 8th are still on schedule at this time. 
Please check this site for future updates.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Jury Service is a civic duty - one of the highest duties in our Democratic system of government. Jury Duty is the obligation of every citizen.

Only if you have urgent reasons, should you ask for court approval to delay your service. If you have urgent reasons, you may request a postponement of jury service on-line at https://juryrequest.wicourts.gov.  Please have your summons with you to complete the request and a return e-mail address you check frequently. Assume your request is denied unless you specifically hear it is granted. Only a judge or jury clerk can approve your request. State law protects your job. Your employer cannot fire you, demote you, threaten or intimidate you because of jury service.

You may check the Status of the jury trial at https://juror.wicourts.gov or https://co.trempealeau.wi.us/juryduty . In addition, you may be required to appear on additional dates within your jury term.

Jury Duty in Trempealeau County is for one month (31 days max.)You will receive a pre-summons one month prior to your service. If you have a conflict serving any day(s) during this tentative period, you must notify the Clerk in writing immediately. Request to be postponed or excused are based on Vacation Plans, Student Obligations, Medical Reasons and Age.

All information regarding the one month of service, call in procedure, tentative jury trial schedule and phone number will be provided to you in the SUMMONS. The summons will be mailed at least 12 days prior to the start of your jury service term.

You will be compensated at the rate of $10 per half day and $20 per full day of service, plus $0.565 per mile. Mileage is calculated based on a round trip from your residence to the Courthouse.

Remember, that as a juror you will be performing one of the highest duties in our democratic system of government, and therefore you should dress appropriately for the occasion. Do not wear tank tops, cut-off shorts, halter-tops or beach shoes/flip-flops or similar clothing.

Please do not bring to court with you any of the following items: food, beverages, cell phones or pagers.

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